There are a few things in this world that are just always hysterical to me.  Every.  Time.  My daughter’s penchant for mispronunciation tends to lean towards things that should probably never come out of a child’s mouth.  Mind you, the various phrases she is actually using are completely innocuous, but to an innocent bystander she sounds like a sailor on leave.   For example, I take her to swimming classes every week and one of the featured songs is “Ring Around the Rosie”.  Recently Garnett (GG) has started to randomly sing this song with the expectation that my husband and/or I will gleefully grab her tiny hands and join in.  Hubband was actually at Chipotle picking up food and was forced to do it while in line waiting for food.  That in itself is funny, but what is truly belly-busting is my dear girl’s extremely incorrect and loud enunciation of the song (and in particular of the words ashes).  Can you guess what it sounds like?