I really, really, really, REALLY hate taking pictures.  Mostly, because I am not very good at it. If I can look awkward, weird or slightly hideous in a picture, I somehow manage to accomplish this.  In person?  I’m pretty-average and what I would describe as “not so bad”, but pictures are my kryptonite.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I am now blogging and that requires a lot more visual content.  When I read real-life stories, I want to know what the people look like.  The bonus to this is that I am learning to put my ego aside, and I will have more for Garnett in the future to look back on.  Let’s face it,  I am extremely unimportant in the grand scheme of things and my I know from experience that I miss out when I can’t look back.  Prime example of my ego getting in the way?  My pregnancy photos.  There are like two (at most).  At the end I had pitted edema (which just means I was carrying excess water on my body and legs).  I honestly had no ankles.  I gained 18 pounds in one week because of water weight, and now?  I have no proof.  I would give a million dollars (ok, I so totally don’t have that) to have those pictures for myself and for my daughter.  Lest you not believe me, I have kindly attached a typical photo of me.  As I find them, I will attach more gems for your added pleasure.

Left: Sunburn necklace from the zoo which shows off my awesome ability to do weird things to myself unintentionally?  Check.

Right: Awkward smile?  Check.