Parents becomes interested in kids the moment they become a parent. Before I had a kid, I didn’t give a shit about kids, and I was a teacher. Don’t get me wrong….young minds….middle school and high school, I could handle and understand, but that elementary baby shit? No, fuck THAT. I grew up as basically an only child (my half siblings were 14 years older or more) and I didn’t really have a way to relate to children. And then…..I turned 30. I saw babies and my ovaries literally ached. All that previous apathy was replaced with ooey-gooey Disney-type feelings. Fast-forward to my life now and I have a daughter that will be three in two months and she is the center of my world. She is my proudest achievement and I want more children. Our plan is to possibly examine adoption in about a year when I am more recovered medically and we are more recovered financially. Adoption and fostering is really our only option as getting pregnant again will kill me (literally- this is not a metaphor people).

I find it extremely interesting that (for some people) we could care less about babies/kids/children and then all of a sudden WHAM, they are the entire world. I believe parents have an interest in other kids for two main reasons: A) They are comparing them to their own children (or how their children were) OR B) They want to relive some baby goodness in the form of smells and cuddles and sweet baby smiles and farts and blow-outs. Even gross stuff later becomes cute. Well, moderately cute.

Booger far.jpg

Look how beautiful and gorgeous she is? Awww. Now look closer

Booger close.jpg

Yes, that is a giant-ass booger next to her eye. And she is still cute, I rest my case.