A Trip to the Grocery Store: Testicles and Treats

When I was ill with a rare form of extreme hypolgycemia, I rarely left the house.  Hubband would take our daughter, Garnett, to the grocery store and to run errands just to get her out of the house because he was basically the only functioning parent.  At this point I should probably clarify that both Hubband and I are barely adults.  We still find innuendo hysterical, as well as double entendre.


Hubband took GG to the store and the kind Fry’s employees were giving away either a sticker, a bouncy ball, or candy.  Her first action was to want all three and then she narrowed her focus to one of her favorite things: balls.  She promptly starts yelling “I LOVE BALLS” “I LOVE BALLS” “I PLAY WITH BALLS” and grabs the ball and kisses it over and over and announces “I KISS BALLS”.  Then they proceed to do some shopping and they come across a young man who is probably 15 or so, but mentally much younger.  He is walking around the store saying “hummm” repeatedly.  So my daughter looks up and yells (what the fuck with all the yelling) “Daddy, what’s that sound” to which my husband (who is not paying attention) replies, “What sound?”  She ignores him and begins following the young man and mimicking his “hummmmm” in an extremely loud and exaggerated way.  To which my socially-conscious and kind husband responds by grabbing her hand and walking her the hell out of that aisle.