Life truly is a cycle.  As proof of this we spend the beginning and end of our lives in a very similar manner; we go out of this world in much the same way we came in.  There is a lot of confusion and adjustment, but there are also some great moments.  In a lot of ways toddlers and the elderly have it all figured out.  There is, of course, a paradoxical reason for this but it leads to the same result: living life with a lot more freedom and self-assurance.  As mature and responsible adults we would be a lot happier if we could just follow some of the same guidelines they do.


  1. Their outfits are often questionable
  2. They forgot why they were upset in the first place
  3. They fall/run into things
  4. When they get hurt, it is a significant issue
  5. They change their minds all the time
  6. They are absolutely convinced they are “right” and you are “wrong”
  7. They are outspoken and blunt
  8. They occasionally have potty accidents
  9. They pick their nose right in front of you
  10. They just don’t give a F-uck
  11. They tell long and confusing stories
  12. They are adorable
  13. They require close attention (at all times)
  14. They become fixated on certain things (Doc McStuffins, a hairbow, a booger in their nose, your fat stomach)


So, the next time your kids are driving you insane, or you have heard a story from your Grandma for the eightieth time, just think to yourself: this will someday be me again.  I will have the freedom to act anyway I choose, it is the gift for making it all the way through adult-land.