The Misadventures of an Intelligent Mom Who Does Silly Stupid Stuff

Because this world needs more honesty when shit gets hard and more focus on beauty for the times it isn't. Former English teacher and School Guidance Counselor, current stay-at-home parent, author, singer, and proud owner of half a pancreas (my own- not in a zombie or serial killer way). Being chronically ill for years, battling to continue staying sober (Jan 26th, 2009) and becoming a mother simultaneously has not been easy (but it has given me a lot to say). I am trying to find the serenity in the insanity by being a transparent parent. Whether you are in recovery, a parent, a woman, or just want to laugh at my jackassery, this place is for you.

The Power of……

She’ll tell you if the wind is just right. If the night is cool and the stars are very very bright. Opulescence is more than a dream, more than a quantification, a measure in the mirror or my eye. She sits on my couch and I know she’s more then just a little high. This picture of half dark and half light. The unattainable for those who want to attain. Her self-esteem eats at the anxious chunk of pain in her gut. Acidity feral and relentless, claws poisonously. Its amazing the self-loathing individuals learn to carry. The small sections, images, that become important. The big picture is only getting bigger and bigger all of the time.
I sit here. Squinty-eyed and focused. Wrapping up my faith in shiny paper. Tying up this sweet little bow and I’m showing her this beauty, this gift, that’s all around her, that’s been hiding because of her “no.” Some lives have known a lot before they have even really gotten a chance to live. Rhiannon is like that, I can just tell.
Power lies at the root of all things. It has many names. God, Goddess, Energy. Money means something because an institution that already had power gave it worth, gave it value. So, Rhiannon’s path should be easier to follow than most. She has her power. Her money is the honesty and love she carries for those who care for others. She knows what little corner of her kingdom she rules. She never thought she’d be sucked into the game. Rhiannon looks up. Her red hair streams up wrapping around itself making pale-and-fiery-red patterns.

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